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AdSense Passive Money Bot

We are working for solutions and implementing the latest organic traffic technologies (Organically recognized by Google Analytics, Google WebMaster Tools and other monitoring systems).

AdSense Passive Money Bot is a professional traffic and clicking software. It can generate passive income for our clients.

Some of the most important features of AdSense Passive Money Bot:
– Automatic opening of real browsers and search in search engines.
– Support for random browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
– Support for real device simulator (Laptop, Tablet, Phone, Computer)
– Private proxies included, updated every day from our database. (Proxies have a good heal for search engines, not being public proxies, they are used only inside this private software).
– Automatic detection of Ads on the page and simulation of the click on it.
– Traffic interprets the movements of a real operator on the page, so it offers some elements of human activity, click on the ad, click on internal pages, random scroll, random waiting time on the page.

Requirements for successful use of AdSense Passive Money Bot:
– Your site must contain Google ads.
– Set automatic and manual values ​​according to your preferences for the following parameters: Cost per action (CPA), Cost per thousand (CPM).
– Minimum 4GB RAM and Windows 10.

Limited offer

Price: €3000 EUR
New price: €900 EUR

Available until Tuesday, May 17, 2022

This price includes support for 1 year.

The license is for 1 single computer. (You can always move the license from one computer to another computer).