Top 4 most professional programs to increase traffic to your site.

In 2022, if you have a newly launched online business, you may have already noticed that it is much more difficult to increase your site position in search engines and attract customers than it was 4-5 years ago. From one year to the next the market has become more and more crowded in all niches and it seems that people are already using the same techniques to increase the site and the number of potential buyers.

We come up with a new SEO technique, improved and this is the growth of the site in the search engines generating visits, coming from sites and referrers with the keywords targeted by you. has been making bots for traffic generation for over 5 years and since then we have implemented the best algorithms on the market at the moment for a more beneficial and advanced growth.

Following an analysis, Bindlex Blogs presents below 4 the most professional products for increasing traffic to your sites.

1. Premium Traffic VIP

Premium Traffic VIP is an exclusive software used by SEO companies that want to increase the position of the site in search engines.

This software can generate up to 100k traffic per day, depending on computer performance and processing power. The traffic is recognized as 100% organic, the keywords you target are displayed in Google Analytics and you can see them in real time. There is also an option to set the referral sites from which to drive traffic to your site (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn).

Some of the most important features of Premum Traffic VIP:
– Automatic opening of real browsers and search in search engines.
– Support for random browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
– Support for real device simulator (Laptop, Tablet, Phone, Computer)
– Private proxies included, updated every day from our database. (Proxies have a good heal for search engines, not being public proxies, they are used only inside this private software).
– Traffic interprets the movements of a real operator on the page, so it offers some elements of human activity, click on internal pages, random scroll, random waiting time on the page.

2. Bindlex Ranking

Bindlex Ranking is an advanced program that comes to the market with unique features compared to any other traffic program. It offers options for both those who wants to use the program to grow their site in the search engines but also for those who needs help building their own traffic program through our implemented API traffic.

This program is designed to be constantly improved and to have multiple purposes related to the growth of your site. In the future, new features and functions will be implemented and improved to get rid of the big expenses for unnecessary products and services.

Bindlex Ranking has implemented a smart algorithm that based on user settings interprets human activity on your site, thus browsing the site and internal pages.

3. Bindlex Premium Web Visitors

Premium Web Visitors is one of the best traffic products available on the market. Deliver unlimited traffic on any website based on keywords.With Premium Web Visitors you can grow up your website rank in short time on Google, Bing & Yahoo. Whenever people will search for your keywords, your website will appear in top.

4. Bindlex Analytics Visitors (Only for GA)

Bindlex Analytics Visitors is a product designed to generate demo visits on Google Analytics. It allows you to send millions of visits in less than a few minutes, without the need to use proxies or VPNs to receive visits from any country you need.

Principal features:

  • Create an unlimited number of campaigns.
  • Run campaigns simultaneously.
  • No high consumption of internet, CPU or Ram (The program will not even make its presence felt when it works if it is minimized).
  • Generates a slow or rapid increase in visits.
  • Direct, natural visits (search engines and keywords), social or referrals.
  • You can choose Search Engines for natural visits (Eg: You can choose to receive visits only from DuckDuckGo or Bing).
  • Automatic detection of the Google Analytics ID on your site.
  • Automatic or manual shutdown of the campaign.
  • Ability to select multiple threads per campaign for faster delivery of visits.