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Provide as many details as possible about your project to understand exactly what you need. We need you to explain step by step how you want the project to be used, what features to include and how it should look. Tell us where you want to use it and other details that could help us.

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The team will instantly add all the products you want to sell in the form of dropshipping from large sales sites.

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Put a URL on each line that includes pictures, attachments and examples to help us understand what you need.

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This means that the development of the project will be recorded and paid by the hour (the source code will not be displayed and the way of work will be blurred if the full rights are not purchased). At the beginning you will only have to pay for the resources needed to start the development of your project and for how many hours of work you want us to perform for each day or week. Base rate is $150 USD per hour. This will be modified depending on the difficulty of the project, the required working time and its full price.

This means that the project will be paid in several installments. One installment at the beginning of the project, one installment when we reach half of the progress and at the end after all revisions have been made.

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