• Scrape from main page and internal pages
  • Scrape Emails
  • OPTIONAL | Add specific tags for email scraping
  • Scrape Phone Numbers
  • OPTIONAL | Add specific prefix for phone scraping
  • Scrape Social Links
  • Choose only/all Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter social links
  • Save in Text & Excel formats
  • OPTIONAL | Save the internal link from where the data has been extracted

Bindlex All In One Scraper PRO


This program has the ability to scrape and extract multiple data from a site and its internal pages. You can extract emails, phone numbers and social links.

For each extraction you have various options. As an example, you can select to remove phone numbers and emails at the same time in the same list and for each of them to add some unique filters (Numbers only from a region or emails only with certain specific tags, eg: gmail.com)


Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, Server 2012 R2

Internet Connection