Bindlex Premium Web Visitors


Premium Website Traffic is one of the best traffic products available on the market. Increase website visitors based on keywords, referrals and social URLs.

Program Features

Unique Fingerprint

Identity hidden using working free or personal proxies, updated User Agents with visits from multiple browsers, devices and operating systems.

Natural & Referral Visits

Visits can come either from search engines with keywords specified by you or from other sources, including Social profiles. Visits can also be direct.

Real events on website

Interactions are important. Bots will scroll, visit internal pages and wait different intervals on your homepage & other pages.

Schedule for later

A must have function. Schedule your campaigns and the visits you receive. Useful when you want to receive traffic at night, or later, when you are not at the computer.

Optimized loading

It is useful for low net consumption and to make visits easier for bots, without having to load elements such as CSS, Images, Videos or Flash plugins.

Rich Docs & Video

The program is easy to use! We take care to update the docs up to date and to provide videos and guides that help you make the best configuration for you.


Windows Server 2008 R2, Server 2012, 7, 8.1, 10

Internet Connection