Bindlex Web Directory Express


Bindlex Web Directory’s main purpose is to find sites and companies much easier than search engines, inefficient when you want to find a specific company in a category.
In short, this program offers you sites from several web directories in the world and puts them all in one automatic extraction. Time is the most important resource and to make it as efficient as possible, the program has the ability to extract up to 1000 sites in 30 seconds.

This program is designed to be constantly improved and to have multiple purposes related to the extraction of websites and companies. In the future, new features and functions will be implemented and improved to get rid of the big expenses for unnecessary products and services.

We took care to choose the most common and important categories of extraction. But that’s not all, in the near future we will make sub-categories for even more precise extraction. At this moment we have extractions from over 20 categories. At this moment we have the following: Arts, Business, Computers, Finance, Games, Health, Home, Kids, News, Recreation, Reference, Regional, Science, Shopping, Society, Sports.


Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, Server 2012 R2

Internet Connection